Anesthesia and Pain Management

At Sault Ste. Marie Animal Clinic we offer a variety of safe and effective sedation and anesthetic protocols and techniques to facilitate various surgical and diagnostic procedures. We custom tailor the medications and techniques used to meet the unique needs and concerns of each individual patient. We often recommend using sedation and or anesthesia for various diagnostic and treatment procedures such as taking x-rays or cleaning ears to reduce the stress and discomfort level for the patient and to enable us to do a better job such as getting better quality images or doing a more thorough cleaning. For added safety we recommend additional testing such as pre-anesthetic blood work, intravenous fluids or a preoperative ECG depending on the pet’s physical condition and the reason for anesthesia. Pre-anesthetic blood testing is mandatory for older or higher risk patients and recommended for owners of young healthy pets undergoing elective procedures such as spaying or neutering.

  • Epidural

    Epidural Analgesia and Anesthesia

    Sault Ste. Marie Animal Clinic is pleased to offer Epidural Analgesia and Anesthesia for patients undergoing major surgery. An “Epidural” is when we very carefully inject a drug into the…

  • pain-prev

    Pain Prevention Protocols

    At Sault Ste. Marie Animal Clinic, we incorporate a comprehensive pain protocol (ie pain killers) into the anesthetic regime for any procedure that could potentially cause pain or discomfort to…

  • Anesthetic-Monitoring

    Patient Monitoring

    A crucial part of making any anesthetic safe is adequate and continuous monitoring. At Sault Ste. Marie Animal Clinic, your pet is continuously monitored throughout the anesthetic by the veterinarian…

  • Anesthetic-Monitoring

    General Anesthesia

    For some procedures, your pet will need to be administered general anesthesia so that he or she will be unconscious and not feel pain. Many pet owners worry about their…

  • LocalAnesthesia

    Local Anesthesia

    If your pet is having a minor surgical or diagnostic procedure performed, we sometimes use a local anesthetic to help control pain. For example, when we perform a biopsy (in…

  • sleepy-old-dog


      A sad reality of being a pet owner and lover is that sometimes we must say goodbye to our beloved friend.  Euthanasia is a privilege that we have in…