Medical and Diagnostic Services

While our primary goal is to keep your pet healthy with a comprehensive wellness and vaccination program, it comforting to know that we have the expertise and equipment needed to make a accurate diagnosis and treat your pet should they become ill or injured. Some highlights include:

  • Laboratory

    Laboratory Services

    Our modern “In Hospital” laboratory is equipped with a microscope, centrifuges and a complete Idexx Blood Analyzer System. This means we are able to perform a wide range of diagnostic…

  • Hospitalization


    Patients who require diagnostic tests such as an ultrasound, blood work or x-rays, patients undergoing surgery or patients who are very ill will need to be admitted into the hospital…

  • Opthamology


    A good look in your pet’s eyes is part of every physical exam. If anything out of the ordinary is noted, we have the ability to investigate further by performing…

  • Cardiology


    Listening to your pet’s heart is also part of every physical exam. If anything out of the ordinary is noted we are prepared to investigate further with x-rays, EKG and…

  • Dermatology


    Skin problems are very common in dogs and cats and can be very frustrating for the owner and pet to live with. We are very experienced in both diagnosing and…

  • video otoscopy

    Video Otoscopy

    Ear infections are one of the most common dermatological conditions we see in dogs and cats. For pets with recurring infections, we will often recommend video otoscopy. Under general anesthesia we are able to visualize the abnormalities much better and thoroughly clean and flush the ear canal..