⚠An important message from Hudson and Delilah to the Pets of Sault Ste. Marie⚠

It has been brought to our attention that a grave injustice is being perpetrated upon many pets of Sault Ste. Marie by their humans. After serious consideration, we have decided that we can no longer, in good conscience, sit by idly and let this grievous behaviour be inflicted on our fellow four-legged friends. As such, we have made the difficult decision to resign as spokesdogs for Sault Ste. Marie Animal Clinic to devote our time and energy to this matter so near and dear to our hearts.
We are referring of course to the despicable practice of humans cheating their pets when it comes to handing out treats – aka Treat Cheats.
How often has YOUR human broken a treat in half instead of giving you a full one? Or have four treats in their pocket but only give you three? Do they think we can’t count?!? Or has your human tried to fool you with small, tasteless treats that looks (and taste) like cardboard instead of giving you the large, high fat, high salt, full of additives and dyes treats they know you love?? They might even smile sheepishly and say something ridiculous like “The vet said you need to lose weight” or “It’s for your own good – Dr. Palmer says you will feel better and live longer if you are at a ‘healthy’ weight”? Who are they kidding!?! Do they think we don’t see them polishing off their bags of chips and chocolate chip cookies??
To focus our efforts and rally support for the cause, we have opened the Paw Firm of Hudson and Delilah, LLP* We specialize in the sniffing out and tracking down of cases of treat cheating perpetrated by humans on their unsuspecting four-legged companions.
If you think your human has been guilty of shortchanging, you when it comes to treats, you may be eligible for Treat Compensation. We will be on the case like ‘a dog on a bone’ and we promise to ‘fight tooth and nail’ to get you the tasty treats you deserve.
Give our office a call today at:
1-277-453-6657 (1-APR-ILF-OOLS)
(*Little Legal-Knowledge Pooches) #TreatCheats #AprilFools #VetsPets