Nov 02 2013

When The Vet’s Pet Gets Sick – Piper’s Journey

People often ask us as veterinarians “What would you do?” when trying to make difficult decisions regarding their pet’s care.  In the latest installment of Oscar’s Success Stories we share the story of our own dog, a devastating diagnosis and some difficult decisions we have had to make not only as veterinarians but as pet owners and lovers as well.

When The Vet’s Pet Gets Sick – Piper’s Journey

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5 thoughts on “When The Vet’s Pet Gets Sick – Piper’s Journey”

  1. Heather Frolick says:

    Wow – what devastating news. How awful for this sweet girl!! I’m thinking of Piper and the rest of the family.

  2. Dianna Orchard says:

    What horrible news. Big hugs to Piper and her parents as you go through this journey with her. You are all in my thoughts.

  3. Betsi Fowler says:

    Such sad, sad news. Piper will enjoy the extra time you have “bought” her with the treatments… especially the extra spoiling and pampering and when it’s her time to go, she will go knowing that she was loved “to the moon and back”. You, her family, will let her go knowing that you loved her the best you could. Your memories will be wonderful and filled with smiles and sometimes tears. Thank-you for helping so many pets and their “people” through many difficult times… what can we do for you?

  4. Debbie MacDonald says: sorry to hear about Piper..Very happy to hear she is doing better and enjoying all the extra attention! All the best to Piper and her Family!! XO

  5. We.will miss Pipers enthusiastic greetings at the door. Take comfort in
    Knowing that she had a wonderful life and received boundless love.

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