A Word Of Warning About Cannabis Edibles And Your Pets

A friendly reminder from Hudson that edible cannabis products can make your pet very sick!! When pets get into ‘edibles’ they often end up with a massive dose of THC:

  •  Most dogs, being dogs, will wolf down anything they think remotely resembles food – this can result in them rapidly consuming a THC containing product that was intended to be shared among several people or consumed in several smaller doses over time.
  • The effects are amplified because most pets are significantly smaller than people – even a single human dose can easily be increased several fold for a pet!
  • Dogs are naturally attracted to many of the popular forms of edibles – for example – baked goods and candy.
  • Dogs that consume Cannabis Edibles containing chocolate get a double whammy because chocolate, as well, can be very toxic for them.

Dogs that consume THC are not having a good time – these pets can be VERY sick.

If you think your pet may have eaten something containing THC please contact your veterinarian ASAP.

If it is determined your pet needs to see a veterinarian, please bring any wrappers or product labels as well as any vomit from your pet with you.

Finally, please make sure to store all THC containing products well out of reach of your four legged friends and family!