Another ‘Teachable Moment’ Courtesy of Scratch – He Could Have Burnt the House Down!

As the team at Sault Ste. Marie Animal Clinic, we not only love to look after your pets, we are also pet owners ourselves. As such, over the years, our pets have given us our fair share of grey hairs by getting themselves into potentially dangerous situations and predicaments. We like to share these stories because they illustrate just how quickly, or easily, catastrophic things can happen!

Meet Scratch – a handsome, energetic, ball loving, 5 yr-old Shepherd Mix belonging to Sault Ste. Marie Animal Clinic Veterinary Assistant, Cindy.

Recently, Cindy told us of a hair-raising experience with Scratch that could have easily ended in tragedy. While Cindy and her husband Dave were out, Scratch, in his efforts to get at a (clean) frying pan on the cook top, ended up turning the element underneath the frying pan on HIGH. When Dave came home, he could smell something burning and was horrified to find a red-hot frying pan smoking on the stove! Talk about a close call!!

We are confident Scratch was the culprit and not a forgetful Cindy or Dave – there were plenty of paw prints for proof!

It just goes to show that as pet owners we always need to be on guard – who knows what trouble our four-legged friends will cook up next?!?