Best of Luck Ben!

Over the last two weeks, we have had the pleasure of hosting 3rd year Glasgow Veterinary Student, Ben Taylor at Sault Ste. Marie Animal Clinic as part of his EMS placement program. Like Dr. Palmer and Dr. Lewis-Palmer’s daughter, Rebecca Palmer, Ben is a Canadian student studying veterinary medicine at the University of Glasgow School of Veterinary Medicine. This fully accredited veterinary school (recently ranked number one in the UK and frequently appearing on ‘top ten lists’ worldwide!) allows both UK and international students to study five years of a comprehensive and exhaustive program that will prepare them for licensing and a career in veterinary medicine almost anywhere in the world. An important and unique part of their program requires them to complete many, many hours in a broad scope of veterinary practices and environments throughout their training.

Over the last two weeks, Ben has shadowed Dr. Palmer throughout his days participating in office appointments, diagnostic work ups and ‘gloving into’ both routine and more complex surgeries such as orthopedic and laparoscopic procedures. Ben has enjoyed this exposure to things he will be doing in his future career and the chance to put some of his ‘book learning’ to practical use – he is excited to continue with both the practical and theoretical aspects of his program.

The entire SSMAnimalClinic team thoroughly enjoyed having Ben here for his placement. We know that his outgoing personality, skills and knowledge will make him an excellent veterinarian that people and pets alike will adore and trust. (Even Delilah forgave him for giving her annual vaccinations ;)) Since today was Ben’s least day, we decided to mark the occasion with ‘Superior Bakery Donuts’ and Cindy’s Mom’s homemade cinnamon buns Yum!