• Otto Has A Tummy Ache!

    Jun 17 2013

      In this latest installment of “Oscar’s Success Stories” Find out why Otto the Golden Doodle looks so sad and how Dr. Palmer and the staff of Sault Ste. Marie…

  • Can you guess what this is?

    May 17 2013

    If you guessed “Tick” – you are right!  This is something we see fairly commonly this time of year and often it is an incidental finding – this dog was in…

  • Not Our Typical Patient!

    May 15 2013

    This little guy, a red squirrel was found swimming in a backyard pool.  It is not known how long he had been attempting to swim in the frigid water but…

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    Rabies: What every pet owner MUST know

    May 14 2013

    From Pet Health Network: Always fatal, rabies can be prevented through vaccination and caution Posted January 09, 2013 in Pet Health   Overview When you think of rabies, you…

  • Oops! We let the cat INTO the bag!

    May 02 2013

    Boomer, was a little apprehensive when he needed to sleep over at Sault Ste. Marie Animal Clinic after surgery – until we gave him his own sleeping bag!  Then he was…

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    New On the “Helpful Pages” How old is your pet in “Human Years”?

    May 01 2013

    Think one human year equals seven dog years?  It doesn’t quite work that way – use this helpful chart from the AVMA to estimate how old your pet is in…

  • Third Line Under Construction!

    Apr 22 2013

    It’s that time of year again!!  Third Line is under construction for approximately 3 weeks starting April 22/2013.  The work is taking place directly in front of Sault Ste. Marie Animal…

  • New in Oscar’s Success Stories – Opal’s Story – Part 2

    Apr 16 2013

    In Oscar’s Success Stories we follow the case of “Opal” the pretty little cat diagnosed with severe liver disease. Opal’s Story Part 1 Opal’s Story Part 2

  • New LigaSureTechnology at Sault Ste. Marie Animal Clinic!

    Apr 08 2013

    Sault Ste. Marie Animal Clinic is pleased to offer “LigaSure” technology for our patients.  Our new state of the art LigaSure unit effectively seals blood vessels by using a unique combination…

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    Helpful Guidelines for balancing the risks and benefits of letting your dog interact in social situations

    Apr 03 2013

    This link to the American Veterinary Medical Association’s website provides helpful guidelines and further links for dog owners to sucessfully weigh and manage the risk of social interactions (puppy classes,…