CoVid Update – Masks and ‘Curbside Care’

As many of you know, we have been practicing “Curbside Care” since the early days of the pandemic. To reduce the risk of exposure to, or spreading of Coronavirus, clients are being asked to wait outside in their vehicle while we bring their pet inside for medical care.  We are also bringing food, medications, and payment terminals out to you in your vehicle.  At this time, clients are still not allowed inside the hospital.

Since the province has been gradually reopening and people are now being allowed into more and more businesses and public places (while wearing masks) some people have asked if they can accompany their pet inside our hospital for their appointment.  While we would love to welcome people inside along with their pet, it is virtually impossible to achieve adequate social distancing when a member of our team is examining or working with a pet that is being held by its owner.  Masks offer some protection, but they are not fool proof.

We understand the desire to be by your pet’s side and to offer them moral support.  Unfortunately, at this time, we feel the risks are too high for everyone involved.  Aside from the potential devastating effects of either a client or a staff member becoming infected with coronavirus, even potential exposure could force us to shut down completely for a period of time.  Then, we would not be able to provide services for ANY pets.

We also respectfully ask and appreciate everyone wearing masks and social distancing when interacting with members of our team – even outside.

Please trust that your pets are in good hands with us whether you are by their side or not.  In fact, we have been pleasantly surprised by how well the vast majority of pets have adapted to this change!

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We all look forward to things getting back to normal – or at least a new normal – a time when we can welcome you back into our hospital safely.  Until then, we sincerely appreciate your co-operation.  Stay safe!