Do you want to help your pet live longer and enjoy a better quality of life?

Lab with cardboard sign around neckIf we told you that you could help your pet live longer and enjoy a better quality of life would you be interested? 🤓 Of course you would!

What if we told you that something as simple keeping your pet at a lean/healthy weight has been PROVEN to increase your pet’s life expectancy while at the same time lowering their risk of serious diseases like heart and respiratory disease, arthritis and diabetes?

A famous 14-year Purina “Life Span” study found that Labrador Retrievers who consumed 25 percent fewer calories than their littermates during their lifetimes maintained a lean or ideal body condition, resulting in longer life – up to 15% or two years longer!! 😳 (https://newscenter.purina.com/LifeSpanStudy)

Interestingly, many loving pet parents don’t realize their pet is actually over weight! According to Hills Pet Nutrition, as many as %50 percent of pets are overweight and of those pets, as many as %90 of their owners don’t realize the pet is in fact overweight!

Even for pet owners who recognize their pet should probably lose a few pounds, we understand that reaching and/or maintaining your pet at an ideal body condition can be ‘easier said than done’ – after all it’s no fun for either you or your pet if they are constantly hungry and coaxing for food. 😔

To help pet parents with this challenge, Sault Ste. Marie Animal Clinic is taking part in Hill’s #EndPetObesity campaign. Together, we can help you identify and then achieve your pet’s weight loss goals. By recommending a well rounded plan for diet, appropriate treats, and exercise, we can #FeedTheLove and help your pet shed the extra weight so they feel better than ever!

For more information go to EndPetObesity.ca or give us a call @ 705-759-8888 (We even have incentives and coupons to help you get started☺)