Exciting News!! Librela Now Available In Canada

We are very excited to announce that Librela is now available at Sault Ste. Marie Animal Clinic!!

A revolutionary breakthrough in pain management for dogs suffering from Osteoarthritis (O/A), Librela uses monoclonal antibody technology to provide extremely safe and effective relief. (This is the same technology used for #Solensia in cats)

Although very common in older dogs, O/A is not just a disease of senior pets – any age can be affected!

Overweight dogs and dogs who have a history of having had an injury, are at higher risk of being affected.

Librela is given as an injection once a month – no need to remember to give medications daily!

Librela has been available in Europe for some time and it has proven so popular there that a second production facility had to be built to keep up with demand and make it available in North America!