Good News! New Option Available For Cats and Owners Who Avoid The Vet Because The Cat Gets Too ‘Stressed Out’

Do you avoid bringing your cat to us because he or she gets too stressed?

Let’s be honest, most cats don’t love coming to see us. However, some cats get truly stressed and frightened by the experience and that’s not pleasant for anybody. In fact, some very loving, well meaning owners actually avoid bringing their cat in because they understandably don’t like seeing them upset. THIS MEANS SOME CATS ARE MISSING OUT ON VERY IMPORTANT HEALTH CHECK UPS AND VACCINATIONS.

The good news is, we have ways to make the whole experience much less stressful for everyone! For healthy cats that are regular patients of ours, we can dispense
a medication you give your cat at home 2-4 hours prior to their appointment that will help to calm and relax them.
Along with other measures (see link below) this can make your cat’s trip to the vet much more pleasant for everyone involved 🙂 It will also help us to perform a more thorough physical exam if your cat is relaxed.

Why is a yearly check up so important? The annual complete physical exam is important for all cats, even indoor ones, to assess their overall health and well being. It is a great opportunity to discuss appropriate vaccinations, body condition, changing dietary needs, parasite control, mobility issues, dental disease and other factors that can affect your cats quality of life. Cats are well known masters of disguise when it comes to not feeling well so regular check ups help us recognize potential health issues and to intervene if necessary sooner rather than later.

Please give us a call for more information and to see if your cat is a candidate for pre-medication at home.

Tips For Making A Trip To The Vet Less Stressful For Your Cat

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