Good News! Oakley is feeling much better now 😊

A couple of weeks ago, 4-month-old Goldendoodle, Oakley, came to see Sault Ste. Marie Animal Clinic locum veterinarian Dr. Garven because he wasn’t feeling well. It was determined that Oakley had something in his stomach and Dr. Garven performed surgery to remove a pair of underwear. Oakly came back in on Friday for a recheck and to have his stitches removed. His owner reports he is doing great 😊

DYK, pets are particularly attracted to items that have our scents on them – socks, shoes, underwear? Some pets will just play with them, some will chew them and some like Oakley will swallow them. Lucky pets will either vomit the clothing up or will pass them uneventfully but for others, the item can get stuck in their intestinal tract and cause an obstruction. This becomes a life-threatening situation and requires surgery.

We are so glad to know Oakley is back to his adorable self thanks to Dr. Garven’s expert care 😊

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