Happy Adoption Day Charlotte!!

Happy dog, shepherd mix, tan with black muzzle

We are absolutely delighted to wish this beautiful girl a “Happy Adoption Day”!

Charlottte (formerly known as Charlie), a beautiful 3 yr old Shepherd mix ended up at the local humane society when it was determined she needed major orthopedic surgery to to correct a problem affecting both hind legs. She had severe luxating patella – which means her knee caps wouldn’t stay in place – in fact they were permanently out of place – making it difficult for Charlie to get around.  Dr Palmer performed corrective surgery on each knee (at separate times) and we are happy to report she is doing much better now.

She has spent many months at the shelter while being diagnosed, and then recovering from the two major surgeries. During that period, ‘Charlie’ visited SSMAnimalClinic many times and we were always so impressed with her sweet temperament and happy ‘can do’ attitude.

We are delighted she has been adopted into an exceptionally wonderful fur-ever home – the equivalent of winning the doggie lottery!! With a new name to go along with her new life, today is the first day of the rest of what is sure to be a wonderful life!! Congratulations Charlotte!