Happy Easter! A Few Pet Safety Tips

On behalf of the entire team at Sault Ste Marie Animal Clinic, Hudson and Delilah would like to say, ‘Happy Easter!’

As many of us are busy preparing a (modified) Easter Dinner and expecting the Easter Bunny to make his rounds tonight, we would like to offer a friendly reminder to help keep pets safe.

1. NO CHOCOLATE OR CANDY FOR PETS! Please remind the Easter Bunny to store and leave his treats in places your pet CAN’T reach.

2. NO TABLE FOOD FOR PETS! While it is tempting to share some of your festive meal with your pet, it could cause a significant upset to your pet’s digestive system or even worse, pancreatitis. Although it’s poorly understood why, even ordinary foods like onions, garlic, grapes and raisins can in some cases make pets very sick.

3. SECURE YOUR GARBAGE! Pets are notorious for getting into the garbage and things like food wrappers, bones and leftovers can cause serious problems.

4. LILIES ARE TOXIC TO CATS! Even exposure to a small amount of the pollen can cause serious problems.

5. KEEP ALL MARIJUANA CONTAINING PRODUCTS OUT OF REACH OF PETS! Dogs, if given the opportunity, will often eat joints or marijuana containing foods such as baking and candies giving themselves a rapid and massive overdose and making themselves very ill.

In these unprecedented times, now, more than ever, we wish everyone a SAFE, HEALTHY and HAPPY Easter!