Hello… My name is Max & I’m here for my monthly Librela injection to help keep me comfortable & pain free!

This handsome fella is Max, an 11 yr old Golden Retriever mix who stopped by this morning for his monthly Librela injection 🐾🐶🙂. Max is one of several SSMAnimalClinic patients getting this innovative new treatment for arthritis pain.

Librela for dogs (and Solensia for cats) uses monoclonal antibody technology to target Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) – a significant cause of pain in arthritic pets. It is a revolutionary breakthrough in pain management for pets and has been proven to be extremely safe and effective (max benefits are usually seen by the third injection)

Although very common in older dogs and cats, O/A is not just a disease of senior pets – any age can be affected!

Overweight pets and pets who have a history of having had an injury, are at higher risk of being affected.

Librela (dogs) and Solensia (cats) are given as an injection once a month – no need to remember to give medications daily!

Librela has been available in Europe for some time and it has proven so popular there that a second production facility had to be built to keep up with demand and make it available in North America!