This is another very useful command and also an important safety factor for your dog. Again, it could prevent a catastrophe by preventing your dog from swallowing something it shouldn’t. Playing fetch with your dog is also a lot more fun if the dog gives the toy back to you!

To teach this command, start with your dog on a leash and some very high value treats (Tip – Don’t use kibble, we need the dog to think that the treat is better than whatever they have in their mouth!). Drop a few treats on the floor then give the command “Drop it”. The dog should look to eat the treats. Do repetitions and gradually increase the distance involved so that the dog is moving towards you to get the treats. When they are consistently moving towards you to get the treat, start adding in low level distractions (make a list of low to high value items and work your way through). Don’t rush – if they are unsuccessful with an item go back to the last item they were successful with. Be patient! It may take a while to teach them to respond consistently to this command but it is well worth the time and effort!