How to Teach Your Dog to “Go To Heel”

This command gets your dog into the proper position for the “Heel” command.  Start with your dog in front of you facing you.  With a treat in your left hand, tell the dog to “Heel” then step back with your left leg and use the treat to lure the dog forward.  Keeping the treat close to the dog’s nose so that they follow it, move your left hand and leg together but keep your right leg still.  Once the dog has followed the treat past your body, take a step forward to turn the dog.  The dog should turn towards you.  As the dog steps forward now even with your leg ask for a sit (don’t bring the treat ahead of your leg – this would bring the dog too far forward – the dog’s shoulder should be even with your knee)

Click here to watch Cricket demonstrate.

For more positive reinforcement training tips from Tara and Cricket, including an introduction to “Clicker” training and teaching the basic “Heel” command, go to Cricket’s Corner

New Video added 2014 07 21 How To Teach Your Dog “Come To Heel”

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