An effective vaccination is widely used to protect cats against Feline Leukemia Virus. It offers good protection if the cat is at risk of being exposed to the virus in the future, it will not however help a cat who is already infected. This vaccine is not always part of the *core* vaccines that we give cats – you must let us know if you want your cat to have it.


Any cat who has the potential to be in direct contact with other cats whose FeLV/FIV status is not known i.e.:

  • cats who go outdoors on a regular basis or “indoor” cats who might “sneak out” on occasion
  • if you “babysit” or foster other cats
  • If you have another cat at home whose FeLV/FIV status is not known or if you are planning on acquiring another cat


Initially, kittens or cats should receive two FeLV boosters (needles) given one month apart and then receive a booster annually. These boosters are usually given at the same time as the other core vaccines (i.e. FVRCP and Rabies).

It is important to perform a blood test on all cats and kittens before vaccinating them against Feline Leukemia for the first time because the vaccine will not help a cat who already has the virus in it’s system. The vaccine can only protect the cat from becoming infected with the virus in the future.