Are you looking for a unique Christmas gift for the dog or dog lover in your life? Hudson recommends a beautiful leather collar and leash from Christian Lowe of Paramount Saddlery. Paramount Saddlery is well known and respected in the equestrian world for beautiful customized saddles and bridles – and they bring the same top quality craftsmanship to their line of dog collars and leashes. For more information contact:

“July 2017 – Carrying on Piper’s tradition of being our number one new product and idea tester, Hudson will now offer his stamp of approval to products we have been impressed with and would like to pass along to you!”

Tick Wrangler (Tick Remover with carabineer)

July 11/2017:  With the increasing numbers of ticks found on both pets and people (as well as increased concern for tick born diseases such as Lyme Disease), tick control is more important now than ever!  It is important to remove ticks found on people and pets immediately and completely.  Along with an effective monthly tick control product for your pet, we recommend you get yourself one of these – a tick remover for your keychain!  We found this one at Joes Sports and Surplus Sault Ste. Marie 🙂



Being the number one dog of two veterinarians means that Piper is constantly testing new products, foods, treats and toys. Here are some of her (and her feline siblings) favorites:


Sadie’s Choice Delicious Home Made Dog Treats

We recently had a client share his recipe for tasty homemade dog treats with us along with some sample treats – Piper gives them two big paws up!

Click on the images to the left to see full size.


Hill’s Metabolic Advanced Weight Solutions

Click here to see why this revolutionary food is a “Piper’s Product Pick”



Furminator Deshedding Tool

For cats and dogs with a short or double coat, these tools remove an astonishing amount of hair!  A word of caution, be careful not to get carried away… can create bald spots!  Used cautiously however, it can make a significant difference in the amount of hair left around the house 🙂


Heated Pet Bed:

Looking to give your pet a real treat?  Consider a heated pet bed.  Older pets in particular love this little bit of luxury.  Look for a well made “plug in” model that provides a gentle even heat.  Always use with caution – older pets can sometimes have decreased sensitivity and decreased mobility so make sure it doesn’t get too hot (avoid microwaved heating pads which can have uneven heat) and that your pet is mobile enough to move away from the heat if needed.  Available in many different models and makes, on line and in pet stores.

Cattit Food Maze

This is a great tool for cats on a diet!  It provides them with mental stimulation while making meal time last longer.  It also has the added bonus of keeping Piper from stealing the cat’s food!  Available on line or we can order for you.

 Fun Kitty Egg-cersizer

Another great tool for cat’s on a diet.  Fill with food or treats and let your cat figure out how to get it out.  Cat’s are hunters by nature so most cats actually enjoy having to work for their food.   Available on line or we can order for you.


Enzadent Oral Care Chews:

These tasty chews combine an enzyme naturally found in dog saliva with the abrasive action of beef rawhide to help prevent tartar and plaque accumulation. By Vet Solutions and available at Sault Ste. Marie Animal Clinic.



You might not want to go out and buy an ipad just for your pet but if you already have one, there is a great app called “Paint For Cats” that will keep you and your cat entertained for hours.



These crunchy low calorie snacks are fruit and vegetable based and packed full of digestible fibre and essential fatty acids making them an ideal choice for treats with almost any diet. They are available for cats and dogs. By Royal Canin, available at Sault Ste. Marie Animal Clinic.



Plush Puppies Squeaker Real Animal Raccoon Dog Toy:

One of Piper’s favorites… even kind of looks like her! Available from Kyjen and  Kyjen has a fun assortment of toys and puzzles for your dog available through their website and

Purrfect Cat Dish:

Okay…..this isn’t actually one of Piper’s favorite things but it earns the designation of being a Piper’s Pick because it keeps her from eating the cat’s food. We highly recommend it for homes with cats trying to cohabitate with medium to larger sized dogs. Available online or we can order one in for you.