Oscar’s Success Stories

Everyday we come across patients and clients that inspire us with their courage, stoicism and resilience.  Sometimes they are fighting serious, life threatening illnesses, sometimes they are overcoming a devastating injury and sometimes they are just overcoming their fear of needles and doctors long enough to get vaccinated!  Either way, they touch our lives in a positive way and we would like to share some of their stories with you.  We start with our little clinic cat Oscar who overcame adversity, earned himself the title of “Patient Advocate” and is now full time team member of Sault Ste. Marie Animal Clinic.

Mocha’s On The Mend

Puddingstone’s Sore Tummy

Hello From Hollar

Good News! Emmy Is On The Mend!

Bunny Tales

Oscar’s Story

Opal’s Story Part 1

Opal’s Story Part 2

Otto Has A Tummy Ache!

Spike’s Story

This Dog’s Sweet Tooth Got Him Into Trouble!

Uh Oh! What Did Cosmo Swallow?

When the Vet’s Pet Gets Sick – Piper’s Journey

When The Vet’s Pet Gets Sick – Update on Piper

Update on Piper Jan 2014

When The Vet’s Pet Gets Sick – Piper’s Journey – April 2014 Update

When The Vet’s Pet Gets Sick – Piper’s Journey- The Final Chapter

Bailey’s Story

Ruby’s Story

Meet Finley – A Heartworm Positive 11 Month Old Border Collie Mix

What Happened When Otis Bit Off More Than He Could Chew?

This Never Should Have Happened!  Miller’s Story

Why Does Emma Keep Getting Bladder Infections?

Sadie’s Remarkable Weight Loss Success

Austin – With Gratitude

Magnolia Needs A C-Section



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