We first met Hollar, a 1 ½ yr old orange tabby, in early October after he had a run in with a car. The poor little guy was having difficulty breathing and had suffered a ‘degloving injury’ to the lower jaw – essentially, the skin had been peeled right off the mandible (jaw bone) and was left hanging.

Hollar stayed with us for a few days to first be stabilized for shock and the difficulty breathing, then he required surgery to reattach the skin to his jaw and have a broken tooth removed. Throughout his stay, Hollar charmed us all with his stoicism and laid back good nature.

Yesterday we received pictures and the following message from Hollar’s owner telling us he is doing great at home – we couldn’t be happier!! 🙂

“Just sending you and your staff a warm hello from Hollar, Wende & Harley! Hollar is doing so wonderful & has not been outside once since the accident. With all of our hearts, we thank you and appreciate the care, compassion and love you showed our sweet Hollar!”