We first met Mocha, a 9-month-old Chihuahua when he came to Sault Ste. Marie Animal Clinic on emergency. He had jumped from his owner’s arms and now his left front leg was dangling at a sickening angle. While there was no doubt the leg was broken, it was important to take x-rays to see exactly where the break was and what the best treatment plan would be. Mocha was given a general anesthetic to take the pictures then he was given pain killers and a padded bandage to keep him comfortable.
broken leg

The next day, Mocha had surgery to line the broken bones up. An ‘External Fixator’ was applied to keep the broken bones in place while they heal. This involved putting four pins into Mocha’s leg – two above the fracture and two below. Normally, these pins would be attached to a metal rod using a series of clamps but because Mocha is SOOO tiny, the pins were attached to a plastic tube – then a liquid acrylic was injected into the tubing. As the acrylic hardened it made a rigid yet lightweight support for the pins (wrapped in leopard print vet-wrap in the attached photo). Mocha will be followed up with periodic x-rays. Once the bone has healed satisfactorily, the pins will be removed from his leg.

Throughout his ordeal, Mocha was a model patient. We were charmed by his calm, quiet, stoicism and his friendly wagging tail. What a sweetheart – we wish him a speedy recovery!