“Hoppy Easter” from Hudson and the rest of the crew at Sault Ste. Marie Animal Clinic

On behalf of everyone at Sault Ste. Marie Animal Clinic, Hudson wishes everyone a very Happy Easter. We hope you have the chance to spend it with two legged and four legged friends and family!!
Here are some tips for making sure it is a safe and healthy holiday for your pets:
• Keep chocolate out of reach of pets – dogs especially love this sweet treat and will over indulge given the opportunity. Chocolate can be quite toxic to pets – at lower doses it can cause stomach upset and excitability but at higher doses it can cause seizures and even death.
• NO Easter Lilies if you have cats! Why or how these lovely flowers are toxic to cats is not fully understood but in some cases, just getting a little dust (pollen) on their fur seems to be enough to cause problems!
• No Easter dinner or leftovers (either on purpose or by raiding the garbage). Sudden changes in diet can cause stomach upset and in some cases even contribute to the development of a very painful and serious condition called pancreatitis. Also, eating things like bones and string/netting used to cook meat can cause a blockage in the intestine. Bottom line – “Garbage Gut” is no fun for anyone!!
• If you are pets are outside, watch out for hazards like broken glass, cars, porcupines, other animals, rat bait, slug bait, garbage, mushrooms etc….in other words, on a leash unless you know and are very confident of the surroundings!
Best wishes for a safe and Happy Easter!!

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