Hot Weather Safety For Your Four-Legged Friends And Family

It’s HOT out there folks!! Please make sure your four legged friends are staying cool!! Dogs and cats do not sweat through their skin like we do when over heated.  They do sweat a little through the pads of their feet, but mostly they pant to cool off.  It is our job to help them stay cool and not overheat.

• Keep them indoors (in air conditioning if possible or in a room with a fan or a basement)
• Avoid exercise in the middle of the day, limit activity to early morning or late evening and avoid boisterous play
• Provide shade
• Provide plenty of fresh water
• Stay out of vehicles unless vehicle is on and air-conditioned
• Know the signs of ‘Heat Stroke’ – harsh panting, very pink/‘injected’ gums, lethargy, collapse – if you suspect your is suffering from heat stroke, cover your pet with a cool damp towel and seek veterinary advice immediately!!