How to “Treat” Your Pet Right

We know giving your pet treats is an important part of your relationship with them….
but it is important to give them the right amount and the right kind of treat!!

Cat and dog calorie requirementsTreats should not make up more than 10% of your pets’ daily calorie intake! Since a 15lb dog only needs approximately 360 kcal/day total the calories in treats add up quickly!
• Too many treats or the wrong kind of treat can upset the balance in your pet’s diet. For pets on specialty diets (for weight loss, growth, stage of life, urinary tract problems, skin problems, liver problems, kidney problems or allergies), the wrong treats can make the diet ineffective!
• Giving ‘Table Food’ or ‘Human Food’ can add a lot of extra calories as well as causing significant gastro-intestinal upset!!!
• Commercially prepared pet treats can be high in “empty” calories as well as artificial flavours and dyes…. in other words, “Junk Food”


At Sault Ste. Marie Animal Clinic, we carry tasty and nutritious treats for dogs and cats that will complement your pets diet rather than interfere with it.

Ask us for more information about how to “Treat” you pet right 🙂

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