Important Information About Pets and Cannabis:

As the cannabis industry grows, so do pet poisonings from accidental consumption of cannabis edibles and other cannabis products inadvertently left within the pet’s reach.
Most pet exposures happen accidently. Cannabis containing products tend to smell good to pets – especially edibles – and dog will ‘wolf’ down the ENTIRE amount. This can result in them consuming what is a massive dose relative to their size when they consume entire joints, candy bars, baking etc. Some pets will even be tempted to snack on live cannabis plants.
Dogs have more cannabinoid receptors in their brains than humans – the effects of cannabis can be more dramatic and potentially more toxic when compared to humans.
Some edibles contain other potential toxins for pets – for example chocolate and xylitol (artificial sweetener used in some baking and gummies) – giving pets a double whammy.
Pets can be affected by second-hand smoke – please make sure they are in a separate well-ventilated room when smoking.
Signs of Cannabis Toxicity include:
• disorientation
• lack of coordination
• excessive drooling or vomiting
• low heart rate
• urine leakage
• hyperactivity and vocalization
• a wide-eyed look due to pupil dilation
In severe cases, we can see tremors and even coma.
If you suspect your pet may have inhaled or eaten cannabis – please consult your veterinarian ASAP! Being upfront and honest with your veterinarian will help ensure your pet gets the right care they need right away.


For more information:

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