Introducing ‘Foxbend Catch Me If You Can’ aka Caper – the newest member of the SSMAnimal Clinic Team

parson terrier puppy
Caper is an 8 wk old female Parson Terrier newly belonging to SSMAnimalClinic RVT Tara. Tara is well known for her dog training skills in general (see Cricket’s Corner on SSMAnimalClinic.com) and her involvement with Canine Agility training and competition in particular.
As Tara’s other Parson Terrier, 13 yr old Cricket eases into retirement from competition, Caper will start her training and competition journey. Aside from her adorable markings and good looks, Caper is a true terrier with loads of spunk – sure to make her a star in the ring! Despite the name however, the only crime we think Caper could be guilty of is stealing hearts 🥰
Welcome to the team Caper!