Is Your Pet A ‘Weekend Warrior’?? Protect their Joints!!

A friendly reminder from Oscar and Hudson that Sault Ste. Marie Animal Clinic has many delicious veterinary options for joint supplements for your dog or cat!

Just like people, pets too can suffer from the pain and discomfort of arthritis. Osteoarthritis, or pain and inflammation of the joints, is often the end result of years of ‘wear and tear’ caused by many factors including daily activities, obesity, poor conformation, excessive stress or strain and /or traumatic injuries. “Weekend Warriors” can be particularly at risk for injury, especially if they are overweight – so it might be wise not to let them go too wild. Moderate, controlled exercise such as leash walking or swimming is safer for their joints unless they are conditioned and built for it.

Again, just like people, pets can benefit from taking oral supplements (Such as glucosamine, chondroitin MSM, essential fatty acids) at the right time to PREVENT or slow degenerative changes and progression of arthritis. Oral supplements provide the appropriate ‘building blocks’ to maintain healthy cartilage and joint fluid as well as help minimize inflammation in the joints – thus allowing the body to respond in a helpful way to wear and tear and minor injuries. Oral supplements tend to be most helpful in PREVENTION of arthritis – once there is significant deterioration and inflammation in their joint(s), your pet will likely need anti-inflammatory medication such as Metacam, Rimadyl or Previcoxx to be comfortable.

While arthritis has traditionally been thought of as a big dog disease, we are realizing now that many small dogs and cats (yes, cats!) can be affected. They can benefit from oral supplements as well.

Oscar and Hudson would like to tell you we have many excellent glucosamine supplements available in ‘Lip Smacking Good’ chewable treats for any size of dog or cat. We have samples available – current patients can feel free to stop by any time 😊

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