Marijuana Toxicity In Dogs Is No Laughing Matter!

Marijuana toxicity in dogs seems to be more common these days and it’s no laughing matter! THC, (the active ingredient in marijuana and associated edible oil products from the cannabis plant) affects the dog’s nervous system. Common signs of marijuana toxicity include dilated pupils, lethargy, lack of coordination, slow heart rate, dribbling urine, and occasionally a ‘startle’ reflex. These dogs are not having a good time – they are sick! Because the THC is stored in the body fat, the signs can last several days.
The reason marijuana is particularly a problem in dogs is that they usually end up with very large doses of THC. They come across the products accidentally but they tend to eat the entire ‘stash’ – so they gobble down several joints or an entire candy bar that was intended to be broken up into several pieces.
If you think your dog has ingested marijuana contact your veterinarian immediately. Please be up front about the possibility of your dog having ingested marijuana or other recreational drugs – your veterinarian has no obligation to report anything and doesn’t really care how it happened – they just want to treat your dog as quickly and effectively as possible.

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