More Boxes Mean More Upgrades at Sault Ste. Marie Animal Clinic – This Week Digital Radiography!

This week, Idexx Service Technician Paige came from Chicago to install and train us on our new Digital Radiography System from Idexx. This is an exciting new addition to our diagnostic imaging capabilities and is completely integrated with our laboratory equipment and practice software. Digital x-rays will allow us to get better quality images of internal organs, bones and joints. Digital x-rays also offer the advantage of being able to adjust the image (darken or lighten it to see things better) and to zoom in on areas of interest as well as being able to send images to a veterinary radiologist ASAP if needed.
As usual, Hudson was in the middle of things. He volunteered to be our first subject – and even made things interesting by apparently having swallowed a couple of hair elastics beforehand – which showed up beautifully on our new system!

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