Move Over Border Collies and Poodles – Groundbreaking Study finds Portuguese Water Dogs and Chihuahuas to be the Most Intelligent Dog Breeds!!

smart dogs wearing glasses


Tongues and tails are wagging in the canine world this morning as the long-awaited results of a comprehensive study on canine intelligence were released. Challenging long held beliefs that Border Collies and Standard Poodles are the top dogs when it comes to ranking canine brain power, this study found that Chihuahuas and Porties (aka Portuguese Water Dogs) displayed an impressive 100% recognition and comprehension of the word ‘Treat’ (although their score fell to a less impressive 50% for the word ‘Come’) As well, both top breeds displayed a remarkably accurate sense of Time Relative to Mealtime Ratio (TRMR) and scored exceptionally well on the Protective Instinct Index (PII) by vocalizing loudly whether they saw a leaf blowing by or an intruder.
While these results confirm what Chihuahua and Portuguese Water Dog owners have long suspected about their breed’s superior intellect, critics of the study (namely Border Collie and Poodle owners) are quick to point to the small study size (one Portuguese Water Dog named Hudson and one Chihuahua named Delilah), inherent owner biases and lack of scientific methods used. Perhaps they are just being sore losers?
Interested canine enthusiasts can view the complete study at: www.aprilfools2022.org