Now That’s A Positive Stool Sample!

This photograph shows what we saw under the microscope when we performed a fecal floatation test on a sample from a perfectly adorable, normal, happy, healthy looking puppy! Those are roundworm eggs (Toxocara Canis) and they are coming from adult roundworms in this little guy’s intestinal tract. In all of our considerable combined years of experience at Sault Ste. Marie Animal Clinic, we have never seen a stool sample with so many parasite eggs in it! (Typically, we would see anywhere from a couple of eggs to maybe 50 in a view such as this – we classified this as TNTC – Too Numerous To Count!). Left untreated, this puppy could have run into very serious health complications from such a heavy worm burden as well as passing a huge number of eggs into his environment that could pose a threat to other pets and people. Fortunately, we have safe and effective medications available to treat him but this underscores the importance of checking fecal samples on all pets!

Click here for more information about having a fecal sample from your pet tested.


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