Oscar, the Sault Ste. Marie Animal Clinic “Clinic Cat”, says “YES PLEASE” to new Solensia for Feline Arthritis Pain

Oscar, Sault Ste. Marie Animal Clinic’s #ClinicCat is excited to try Solensia – an innovative new treatment to control pain from osteoarthritis in cats (recently approved in Canada). An easy, once a month injection, #Solensia uses exciting new monoclonal antibody technology to safely and effectively target nerve growth factor – an important source of pain.
We know Oscar experiences pain from osteoarthritis secondary to a broken leg he suffered as a kitten prior to coming to live with us. However, arthritis pain may not always be obvious in cats! Cats are masters of disguise when it comes to hiding pain and illness – and many cats likely suffer from arthritis pain in silence. Learn more about recognizing the subtle signs of arthritis in your cat (and what you can do about it) by clicking the link below:
Give us a call at 705-759-8888 for more information – your cat will thank you 🐾😽#VetMed #LifeInAVetClinic #CatsGetArthritisToo
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