Pet Euthanasia – What to know when it’s time to say Good Bye to your beloved pet.

A sad reality of being a pet owner and lover is that sometimes we must say goodbye to our beloved friend. Euthanasia is a privilege we have in veterinary medicine that allows us to end our dear friend’s suffering when they are in pain or no longer able to enjoy an acceptable quality of life. With this privilege comes tremendous responsibility. Many people find the decision to euthanize their beloved pet one of the most difficult decisions they ever face.

While no one wants to see their friend suffer, most people struggle with knowing when to consider euthanasia for their pet. The bottom line is that there are no black and white, right or wrong answers. It is a very personal decision and what is right for one person and pet will be different than what is right for another. We know any decision you make will not be made lightly and we will do our best to accommodate and respect your wishes.

Once the decision has been reached to pursue euthanasia for your pet, there are some other decisions to make including whether or not you want to be present and arrangements you would like to make for aftercare.

Please click here for relevant information to help you make informed decisions.

*Please note, unless it is an emergency situation, we only perform euthanasia for our regular clients and their pets.