Hill’s Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution earns a “Piper’s Product Pick” for being a revolutionary way to help overweight pets reach and maintain a healthy weight.  It is a complete and balanced diet system including canned food, dry food and treats that works with your pet’s own metabolism to help them achieve and maintain a healthy weight while keeping them feeling full and satisfied. No more excuses!  It’s time to get serious about managing your pet’s weight!

“What makes Metabolic different than other diet pet foods?”
Metabolic represents a revolutionary new way to effect weight loss in pets! It works by “Turning Up” the metabolism of an obese animal to act more like that of a lean animal – i.e. it activates the body’s natural ability to burn excess body fat and regulates appetite.

“How does it work?” 
Metabolic contains a synergistic blend of nutrients and ingredients that works to change multiple pathways for more efficient energy metabolism. Changes in gene expression can reflect changes in underlying biochemistry. Feeding Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution helps the pet achieve a healthy gene expression profile.

“Is Metabolic safe for my pet?”
Metabolic is design to be fed to overweight pets. It is not meant for growing puppies and kittens or pregnant or lactating pets. It is clinically proven to spare lean body mass during weight loss and weight management. It contains L-carnitine to help convert fat into energy and build muscle mass.

“Won’t my pet just regain the weight?”
Metabolic has been clinically proven to avoid weight regain in pets following a weight loss program in pets maintained on the diet.

“Is it expensive?”
The cost of pet food tends to be relative and the old saying “you get what you pay for” tends to hold true. At first glance, any premium or top quality diet is going to be significantly more expensive than a bargain brand – but the difference in the nutritional value of the food is also going to be significant. Also when you look at the long term costs of managing health conditions related to obesity such as buying medications for an arthritic dog or managing a diabetic cat, diet food quickly becomes a bargain!

“Is it really such a big deal if my pet is overweight?”
YES!! Overweight pets are at risk for multiple health issues such as:
*decreased life expectancy (one study showed a two year difference in life span for overweight Labs vs. lean Labs)
*decreased quality of life
*joint/musculoskeletal problems and osteoarthritis (not only does it cause wear and tear on the joints but obesity is associated with an increased inflammatory substances implicated in osteoarthritis)
*heart and lung disease disease
*exercise and heat intolerance
*compromised immune function
*hyperinsulinemia, glucose intolerance, and diabetes mellitus
*hepatic lipidosis
*increased risk to undergoing anesthesia
*decreased fertility/increased dystocia

“There is no way my pet can handle being on a diet! He will think I’m starving him – I don’t want to do that to him!!”
First of all, given the serious nature of the health risks associated with obesity it may be time for a little “tough love” for your pet’s own good! Second, a key feature of Metabolic is that your pet will feel full and satisfied while being fed the diet. Third, Metabolic is available is both canned and dry formats and very tasty treats. This means your pet will not feel deprived! !

Will it really work for my pet?
In an “in home” study, a whopping 96% of dogs and 81% of cats experienced weight loss within two months. It has been clinically proven to safely provide 28% body fat loss for dogs and 29% body fat loss in two months!

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