Quiz time! Why did Kya, a 6 yr old Black Lab Need Dental Work? (warning – graphic images)

Kya has a broken fourth pre-molar with the pulp exposed. Not only will this be painful and uncomfortable for her, it puts her at high risk of developing an abscess around the roots of the tooth.

This is a big tooth with three big roots but it needs to be removed before it causes Kya further trouble. It’s a big job but the tooth will be cut into smaller pieces to make it easier and less traumatic to the surrounding tissues.

Once the tooth is removed, it may be a little tender at first – Kya will eat soft food for a few days – but the stitches will dissolve and the hole will heal over and be pain free – similar to us having wisdom teeth removed. Kya will be able to eat normally and not be bothered by the tooth anymore!

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