Sault Ste. Marie Animal Clinic and Idexx Labs are”Celebrating Seniors”

Sault Ste. Marie Animal Clinic and Idexx Labs are Celebrating Seniors by giving a bandana and safety flashing dog tag to every pet who has a Geriatric Health Screen performed.  A Geriatric Health Screen is simple blood and urine test that can help us detect early or subtle changes in your senior pet’s internal organ function.

Most dogs and cats are considered to enter their senior years at age 7 and just like people, they can develop diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, hormonal imbalances and cancer.  In the early stages, the changes associated with these diseases can be subtle and hard to detect – Geriatric Health Screens can help us recognize and address problems before they start to significantly impact your pet’s health and quality of life.

It is important for the pet owner and veterinary team to work together to ensure optimal health and quality of life for senior pets.  You know your pet better than anyone! if you notice any changes in your pet’s weight, appetite, thirst, urination or elimination patterns, behavior, skin, coat or activity/mobility levels don’t wait – please schedule a check-up for your pet ASAP.

Please click here for more information about Senior Pet Care services available at Sault Ste. Marie Animal Clinic.

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