Summer Holiday Check List For Your Pets

If you are taking Fido on holiday with you:

1. Please make sure to have enough of their food and medications to last the duration of the trip. Sudden changes in diet may cause stomach upset and or diarrhea for your pet.

2. Make sure your pet’s Rabies Vaccinations are current! Not only will you need proof of this to cross the border with your pet, you may be travelling to areas where Rabies is more prevalent – it is in everyone’s best interest that all pets be protected.

3. Consider additional vaccinations for Kennel Cough and/or Canine Influenza BEFORE travel. On vacation, in campgrounds etc. you may encounter dogs traveling to and from other regions. Dogs who have recently been in Boarding Kennels, Dog Shows/Competitions, Groomers and Dog parks may be potential sources of highly contagious diseases such as Kennel cough and Canine Flu.

4. Be vigilant with parasite preventive products such as Heartworm Preventives and Flea and Tick preventives since your pet may be at a higher risk of exposure when traveling – particularly if you are travelling south into Michigan or Southern Ontario.  Check your pet for ticks after walks and hikes!

5. Keep your pet on a leash! Even the most well-behaved pet can be unpredictable in an unfamiliar environment.

6. Please do not leave your pet unattended in a vehicle while you sight see, shop or eat out. Temperatures inside a parked vehicle can rise dangerously high very quickly.

7.  If camping, bring a package of Benadryl with you for allergic reactions to bug bites and stings. However, call a veterinarian for advice prior to giving it to your pet.


If Fido or Fluffy are going to a Boarding Kennel:

1. Even if not required by the Boarding Kennel, we recommend Kennel Cough Vaccination for your dog. If your dog has never had the vaccine before, ideally, he or she would receive two boosters 1 month apart with the second booster being given at least 1 week to 10 days before going to the kennel. If they have received it in the past, a single booster given 1 week to 10 days before going to the kennel should be sufficient.

More recently, Canine Influenza has become a concern for dogs across North America. Fortunately, it has not been an issue locally but at any point in time, a dog carrying the virus could potentially bring it here. For your information, we do have a vaccination available that we currently recommend for dogs who will be travelling to boarding kennels, dog shows/competitions, dog parks etc in higher risk areas.

Please feel free to give us a call at 705-759-8888 to see what if any boosters/vaccinations we would recommend for your pet prior to going to a Boarding Kennel.

2. Please make sure to have enough of their food and medications to last the duration of their stay. Sudden changes in diet combined with the stress of boarding, may cause stomach upset and or diarrhea for your pet.

3. Please make sure the Boarding Kennel has accurate contact information for you or someone who can make decisions for your pet’s care should any health issues arise.

4. Keep them up to date on their parasite preventive products! Other pets at the kennel could be infested with fleas or shedding intestinal parasite eggs.