Patients who require diagnostic tests such as an ultrasound, blood work or x-rays, patients undergoing surgery or patients who are very ill will need to be admitted into the hospital to stay with us for a while. We make every effort to make your pet as comfortable and safe as possible during their stay with us. We use clean soft bedding, provide lots of TLC, frequent “bathroom breaks” and keep things as clean, calm and quiet as possible. Seriously ill patients will benefit from extras such as intravenous fluids given with an infusion pump to accurately dispense the precise amount of fluids and medications, heating pads and heating lamps. Pain medications will be prophylactically to all patients undergoing surgery and to any patients suffering from a potentially painful injury or medical condition.

If you know your pet is going to need to be hospitalized, feel free to send along their favorite toy or blanket and some of their own food to make them more comfortable. For pets hospitalized due to illness or injury, visits by the family are encouraged….just give us a call to find out when visiting hours are.