Our modern “In Hospital” laboratory is equipped with a microscope, centrifuges and a complete Idexx Blood Analyzer System. This means we are able to perform a wide range of diagnostic blood, urine and fecal tests quickly and accurately. In an emergency situation, we can often have vital information including a complete blood count, biochemical profile and electrolytes in a matter of minutes which in turn can help us make a diagnosis and start appropriate treatment right away. Tara, our primary technician combines almost twenty years of clinical experience with ongoing continuing education to always ensure accurate and reliable results.

In April 2017 we upgraded our Idexx system to provide even more accurate and up to date information for our patients.

The new equipment includes:
1) Procyte – A state of the art blood analyzer which gives us unparalleled information about the red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets in our patients
2) Sediview – An exciting new technology that uses a ‘Facial Recognition’ type software to identify normal and abnormal cells, crystals and bacteria in urine samples
3) SNAP Reader – An improved way to read and record tests for diseases such as Feline Leukemia, Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, Lyme Disease, Heartworm, Pancreatitis and more! New tests using this technology are being developed all of the time.

For more advanced and less urgent laboratory tests, samples are sent via courier to a full service veterinary laboratory in Toronto where they are analyzed by various experts such as Clinical Pathologists and Microbiologists. Results are prompt and accurate.