“The Force Triad™ energy platform is a full-featured electrosurgical system that provides electrosurgical cutting and coagulation, bipolar functionality, and vessel sealing in a single generator.”

The Force Triad is a new state of the art, multi use system that allows us to cut and seal tissue and blood and lymph vessels with unprecedented speed, efficacy, and security during surgical procedures.  While traditional surgical methods involve clamping and ‘tying off’ blood vessels using suture material, the Ligasure technology in the Force Triad system allows us to quickly fuse the tissue creating a very secure and permanent seal – no worry about knots being loose, slipping or coming undone!

The vessel sealing feature is used during laparoscopic ovariectomies (lap spays) where the ovaries are removed laparoscopically (through a tiny incision using surgical video cameras). Dr. Palmer has been performing most mid to large breed dog spays laparoscopically for several years now and is thoroughly impressed with the way the patients “bounce back”. Most dogs are up, wagging their tails and ready to go home within a couple of hours of the procedure. The Force Triad unit adds an extra measure of confidence knowing that the blood vessels are completely and permanently sealed.

It is also used during emergency procedures and major surgeries where large numbers of blood vessels need to be dealt with quickly such as removing the spleen.  For the critical patient, the speed and efficacy of Ligasure technology can be life saving.

Some facts about LigaSure Technology:

  • Provides a combination of pressure and energy to create vessel fusion
  • Permanently fuses vessels up to and including 7 mm in diameter and tissue bundles without dissection or isolation
  • Average seal cycle is 2 to 4 seconds*
  • Seals withstand three times normal systolic blood pressure
  • Feedback-controlled response system automatically discontinues energy delivery when the seal cycle is complete, eliminating the guesswork

The bi-polar function of the Force Triad allows us to use electrocautery for delicate surgeries in areas that would traditionally bleed a lot – such as oral masses (tumors or growths in the mouth) and surgery of the eyelids and ear flaps.  It also allows us to quickly and easily remove small tumors, growths and skin tags that many dogs develop with age.