A Puppy or kitten requires a different wellness program than an adult dog or cat. The first few months can have a significant impact on their long term health so it is very important to get them off to a good start. They can be vulnerable to viral infections and parasites. They have specific nutritional needs and they are at a critical stage for socialization and behaviour training. If you have not yet scheduled an appointment for your new puppy or kitten’s first visit, please call 705-759-8888 as soon as possible. A puppy or kitten is not considered fully protected until he or she has completed their booster series. Typically, puppies and kittens will receive a series of vaccine boosters over three visits between 6 and sixteen weeks of age but the schedule will be tailored to meet your individual puppy or kitten’s needs based on a number of factors including age, previous vaccinations, breed, lifestyle, etc. For a sample schedule of a typical puppy or kitten wellness program over the first year please see the following links.

Kitten First Year Schedule

Puppy First Year Schedule

When you come in for your first visit with your puppy or kitten, you will receive a folder containing a printed copy of the puppy or kitten booklets listed below that cover some of the topics you are likely to encounter in your pet’s first year and some other information we would like you to have. Please take a moment to browse through it.

Welcome New Puppy PDF

Welcome New Kitten PDF