What should I expect during my pet’s wellness exam?

During your pet’s wellness exam, we will take your pet’s history and perform a thorough physical examination. We will also give your pet appropriate vaccinations and may recommend various diagnostic tests such as a Fecal Exam, a Heartworm Test, a Pre-Anesthetic Blood Screen or a Geriatric Health Screen. We will prescribe parasite preventives or supplements if needed and may recommend dental work, x-rays or other follow-up tests and care if anything in the exam or history warrants further investigation or treatment. We will likely also make recommendations regarding type and quantity of food fed. The specific services provided during the exam will vary depending on your pet’s age and overall state of health. We will ask questions about your pets eating, drinking and elimination habits, their behaviour, their activity level, and their diet. It is important that the pet is brought in by someone who is familiar with the pet and their daily habits. You can help by letting us know if you’ve noticed any unusual behavior or physical changes in your pet.