What’s in a name?

As veterinarians at Sault Ste. Marie Animal Clinic, we often come across pets with unique or unusual names and it is always interesting to hear the “story” behind it.  Some pets are named after physical traits or markings and some are named for behaviours or personality traits.  Some are named after favorite celebrities, musicians, athletes or authors while others are named for long lost relatives.  Whatever the case, it is always fun to ask how someone came up with their pet’s name – because you never know what the answer might be!

At a recent conference, one of the speakers shared this charming story of how her elderly Siamese cat had earned the name “Peppermint”.  Several years ago, as a young veterinary student, she was heartbroken by the loss her beloved Siamese cat which she had grown up with.  While home for the Christmas Holidays, her mother made up her mind to find her a new Siamese kitten to help soften the blow of losing her cherished pet.  Finding another Siamese kitten turned out to be a far more difficult task than either of them imagined but after much searching they managed to locate the perfect one.  While driving home, the mother turned to the young student who was happily cuddling the tiny new kitten close to her chest and said “Why don’t we call him ‘Peppermint’? – cuz he’s a LIFESAVER!!”

Tell us how why you gave your pet their name – We would love to hear!

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