What’s Little Bobbi Missing?

This 8 week old female kitten came to Sault Ste. Marie Animal Clinic missing two important things in her young life.  The first and most obvious was that she was missing the majority of her tail!  It was clear she had suffered some sort of trauma to her tail early in her young life – the end of it was completely missing and the stump was infected and necrotic (dead tissue).  The second thing this poor little girl didn’t was a permanent home. bobbi2She didn’t let this get her down however as she charmed all of us at Sault Ste. Marie Animal Clinic with her sweet, affectionate personality and a little motor in overdrive.  Nick-named “Bobbi” (as in bob-tail) by staff, we decided she needed a second chance.  We have amputated the damaged portion of the tail, treated her for parasites, blood tested her for FelV/FIV and vaccinated her (first vaccination).  Now all she needs is a new home!  If you are interested in welcoming Bobbi into your life please give the clinic a call at 705-759-8888.  She might be a little short on a tail but we are confident she will be long on love and affection for whoever takes her in 🙂


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