When The Vet’s Pet Get’s Sick – The Latest Update on Piper’s Journey

In September of 2013, we (Dr. Gary Palmer and Dr. Robin Lewis-Palmer) diagnosed our own dog, Piper, a six year old half Australian Shepherd/ half Poodle with a non-curable form of Lymphosarcoma (cancer of the lymph nodes).  After a lot of thought and discussing options with veterinary oncologists, we decided to treat Piper with chemotherapy – not to cure her because that is not an option,  but to buy her some good quality time with us (predicted survival even with aggressive chemotherapy is approximately six months) .  We have been very pleasantly surprised by how well she has tolerated treatment and are grateful for this time we have with her.  You can read more about Piper’s journey by clicking the following links in Oscar’s Success Stories. 

When The Vet’s Pet Gets Sick – Piper’s Journey

When The Vet’s pet Get’s Sick – Update On Piper’s Journey

For the latest update on Piper, click the link below

When The Vet’s Pet Gets Sick – Update On Piper’s Journey January 2014

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