Please note Sault Ste Marie Animal Clinic will be closed Monday August 1st for the Civic Holiday.
Here are some simple tips to help make sure you and your four legged friends and family have a great weekend:
👉STAY COOL – heat stroke can be deadly for pets. Make sure your pet has access to water and shade, never leave them unattended in a car and avoid exercise in the middle of the day
👉STAY CLOSE – A simple leash can prevent a disastrous encounter with a motor vehicle, a porcupine or an unfamiliar dog
👉STAY HEALTHY – Avoid the temptation to share your barbecue with your pet and keep the garbage well out of reach – corn cobs and bones can wreak all kinds of havoc
👉STAY SAFE – keep all cannabis containing products secured out of reach of your pets. THC toxicity is one of the most common pet poisonings we see these days from pets accidently getting into to THC containing edibles and other products.
👉STAY PROTECTED – Monday is the first of the month – Don’t forget your pet’s monthly parasite preventive! (Nexgard or Spectra)