Why should I bring my pet in for regular veterinary visits when he/she is healthy?

When you consider the cost of prevention versus the cost of treating a disease or condition, you’ll find that treatment is often far more expensive. For example, parvovirus treatment can frequently cost 10 times more than a single parvovirus vaccination. When you keep your pet up-to-date on preventive care, you’ll know that your pet won’t have to suffer from a condition that could have been prevented or treated.

Another factor to consider is that dogs and cats tend to be much more stoic than we are when it comes to illness. While people tend to complain and moan and groan when they aren’t feeling one hundred percent, pets in the early stages of an illness will often not show any outward clinical signs. Regular check-ups help us to know what is normal for your pet so that any changes can be identified and addressed as early as possible in the course of a disease.