Wishing Everyone a Safe and Happy Easter Weekend

The team at Sault Ste. Marie Animal Clinic would like to wish you and your pets
a very ‘Happy Easter’

A couple of friendly reminders to help ensure it is a safe and healthy one for the four legged members of your family (In other words, we want you to enjoy a nice weekend at home instead of having to make a trip to the emergency veterinarian!):

1. NO CHOCOLATE for pets!! Like us, dogs LOVE Chocolate and will consume large amounts very quickly – unlike us however, chocolate is toxic to dogs – signs can vary from vomiting and diarrhea for small amounts consumed, to collapse and even death if a large amount is consumed relative to body size. Please keep all chocolate WELL out of reach of your pets.

2. LILIES ARE TOXIC TO CATS! Even a small amount of pollen licked off of their fur can make them make them very sick – it can even be fatal! To be safe, don’t have Easter Lilies in your house if you have cats.

3. BEWARE OF ‘GARBAGE GUT’ (aka Dietary Indiscretion)! Most pets have relatively sensitive digestive tracts. Table food whether given intentionally as a treat or accidently because the pet got into the garbage – can cause severe stomach upset and a painful, potentially life threatening condition called pancreatitis.  Your pet will be happy just spending time with you – they don’t need any ‘extra special treats’ to celebrate with.

Also, as final reminder – since Easter weekend happens to coincide with 4:20 this year – please remember to keep all Marijuana containing products well out of reach of your pets! Dogs seem to like the taste of marijuana cigarettes (joints) and of course (being dogs) they will consume any edible products they can find – often ending up with a very large dose all at once. It can make them very ill.